family law


Losing a loved one is a painful experience and unfortunately many families are forced to sort through the assets of their deceased family member at the same time they are grieving. This can be especially painful if there are estate disputes between family members regarding what should happen to the various assets that belong to the decedent’s estate.

Probate can be a slow process , and the details you prefer kept private can be recorded in public records. But many families find themselves in need of estate management and other probate services because their loved one’s estate plan left some questions unanswered. Even when a will has been written, the will process is often required to disburse assets to the appropriate parties. And when the deceased has not left a will, an “intestate” case, the probate courts will help determine the heir.

Probate law in Texas is slightly different from most other states. The state allows legalization shortcuts that can be completed more quickly and cost-effectively. Eligibility for these shortcuts depends on the size and nature of the estate in question, as well as when the deceased is deceased. We can help you determine if your family is eligible for this expedited process.

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