Charges for Arms and Arms Trafficking

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Citizens of the State of Texas generally have the right to own a firearm, however, it is important to know the law in detail to avoid some type of sanction. If you are facing firearms crimes charges or have questions regarding local firearms laws, call the Law Office of Valdez, Monarrez & San Miguel where we will give you the appropriate advice.

Obviously, illegally wielding, possessing or using a firearm will result in officers charging you with weapons. These types of actions account for the vast majority of gun cases that we see each year. However, there are some prohibited artifacts in the state of Texas that, if openly used or transported, will secure you legal trouble.

Under Texas Penal Code 46.05, the following items can result in serious fines, jail time, and a permanent stain on your record:

  • Explosive or incendiary devices such as grenades or homemade bombs.
  • Machine guns of any caliber.
  • Improvised and unregistered pistols.
  • Sawn-off shotguns or any short-barreled firearm.
  • Brass knuckles.
  • Any device whose sole purpose is to help discharge deadly chemicals.
  • Any device designed to deflate the tires of a vehicle, such as spikes or chocks.

Generally speaking, if you have been arrested for the use, distribution, or misuse of a firearm in a public space, the following are just a few of the possible gun-related offenses that you may be subject to. face and where we can help you:

  • Illegal possession of a firearm.
  • Showing or wielding a weapon in a threatening manner.
  • Committing a crime with a firearm, including robbery, assault.
  • Violate state or local conceal and carry laws and Texas Penal Code 30.06.
  • Smuggling and distribution of weapons.
  • Being convicted or on probation and in possession of a firearm.