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Power of Attorney

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    There are situations in the lives of people and in the dynamics of companies in which it is necessary or convenient to grant powers of representation for certain legal or material acts. They are the so-called legal powers. The documents in which they are reflected are drawn up and authorized by notaries, who guarantee both the identity of the people who grant them and that their wills comply with the law.

    A power of attorney is a public document authorized by a notary that allows a person, natural or legal (called “ principal “), to designate another as his representative, so that may act on your behalf in certain legal acts . For such acts to take effect, the representative must prove his status as attorney-in-fact by showing the authorized copy of the power of attorney that the principal will have given him.

    The power of attorney is one-sided. A natural or legal person grants another the power to represent them without requiring their authorization or having said person present before the notary at the time of grant.

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