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Claims with Insurers

Types of Claims that Insurers Typically Reject

  • Auto insurance.
  • Work accident insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Home insurance.

We all believe that having insurance should be a guarantee that we will receive compensation for losses suffered from certain unfortunate events in life. Such as a car or work accident, a fire in our home, or the loss of a loved one, among others. It is no secret that we usually buy insurance, coverage and policies in order to be prepared for the future and protect our families. But, unfortunately, when it comes to dealing with insurance companies, things don’t always go as promised. We tell you what to do if the insurer denies your claim.

It is important to remember that an insurance policy is a legal contract between a person and an insurance company. The company is responsible for compensating the insured in cases of damage covered by the policy. That is, the insurer must honor its end of the bargain. So when we file a claim with an insurance company, we expect the company to act in good faith. We hope they enforce our claim.

However, insurance disputes often occur when an insurer denies your claim. Which is apparently valid. Many times for no legitimate reason or no explanation.

The main reason insurance companies reject claims is that they often manipulate the language of their contracts in order to minimize or deny valid claims. These companies tend to protect their profits by avoiding having to pay policyholders.

But just because your insurer has denied a claim does not mean that you have no rights under your policy. If you do not agree with the denial of your claim or think that the insurer has acted in bad faith, you can file a lawsuit against your insurer for denying the claim. If your insurer has denied you a claim that you think was improperly denied, it is important to see an attorney to review your insurance policy and the reason for the denial. If the insurer acted in bad faith or rejected a valid claim, you will have the right to sue for damages caused by the denial.

If your insurer has denied you a claim and you think that the denial is not justified, speak to the law firm of Valdez, Monarrez and San Miguel and request a completely free appointment at any of our three offices, McAllen, Brownsville or Houston . Our attorneys will assist you in filing a claim against your insurer to get what you just deserve under your policy. So call our offices today.