Remain silent and request that you be allowed to speak to your attorneys at the Law Offices of Valdez, Monarrez & San Miguel, and that he will not speak to any officer until we are present.

At the Law Office of Valdez, Monarrez & San Miguel , we do not tolerate anyone driving while intoxicated. There are ridesharing services that are readily available and should be used when needed.

Driving while intoxicated is illegal. The definition of intoxication is: any loss of your mental or physical abilities or having a BAC of more than .08

The most important thing to remember is that you have the right to remain silent . It is important to exercise this right. It is also important to to remain calm and respectful of the police and anyone else who interacts with you. In Texas, if you are legally detained, you must provide identifying information to the police upon request, this should be the only scope of communication with the police.

When you are asked to perform various physical tests called “Standardized Field Sobriety Tests,” the police are most likely trying to accumulate evidence of your intoxication. Therefore, as noted above, if you have been drinking or taking any type of prohibited substance, even if it is prescribed, your best chance of winning your case in court is remain silent.

If you are asked for a blood or breath test, once again this is only to collect more evidence of your suspected poisoning, therefore it is recommended that be silent when asked for a sample.

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