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We know how difficult the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen to you and your family must be. For this reason we offer the first completely free appointment , where we will explain to you which are the laws that affect or benefit your situation and what your real options are. We are proud to share that we always provide clarity on what to expect in each case, and how we will achieve the end goal for the benefit of you and your family..

At Valdez, Monarrez & San Miguel we have constantly sought to help the Houston, Texas community and our efforts are always aimed at protecting the rights of people who go through a legal problem and help them live their process in a dignified way.

We have 3 offices in the state of Texas strategically located to provide our clients with the best service, located in McAllen, Brownsville and Houston and the FIRST APPOINTMENT IS COMPLETELY FREE, CONFIDENTIAL AND WITHOUT COMMITMENT.




Personal injuries

If you were injured in a car accident or any other type of accident, your life can change completely. You may not be able to work and care for your family for a long period of time, worrying about loss of income and payment for medical care.

At the Law Office of Valdez, Monarrez & San Miguel we understand how a serious injury can affect your whole family and we can help.

Criminal defense

Protecting your rights and defending you against criminal charges.

It can scare anyone to be arrested or have criminal charges, but it is even more complex for non-US citizens. It is important to remember that your immigration status does not matter, you have rights and these include having a lawyer.


The immigration system of the United States is complex and sometimes difficult to understand, as well as knowing what to do to migrate to the United States or have a legal stay. If you want to come or stay in the United States to work, study, be with your family or have a safe life, we can help you.

Civil Litigation

Criminal cases attract a lot of attention, but many legal issues are resolved in criminal court. It is not necessary to commit a crime to commit any legal offense, and for this there is the civil court. In a civil litigation process, people who have made an error or fault are given the opportunity to repair said error.

family law

Marriages, divorces, and adoptions change your family forever. At the Law Office of Valdez, Monarrez & San Miguel, we want to help you and prepare your future. We will protect you and your children from any process and from the Family Court. Our lawyers specialized in divorce and family situations will help you.


Our main commitment to our AUTOMOBILE ACCIDENT and FREIGHT TRUCK ACCIDENT clients is that the firm will NEVER earn more than them.

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We provide support in legal processes such as immigration, car accidents, cargo truck accidents, personal injury, civil litigation, criminal and criminal cases.

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